Lesley Dill

Lesley Dill

"A Twist of the Funnel"

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New York artist Lesley Dill is on the forefront of the trend in contemporary art of using visuals with language, lending an edge to their fusion by peeling away stereotypes to create a fresh and unique vision.

Widely acclaimed for her sculptural, print and installation works which draw upon the poetry of another American woman artist, Emily Dickinson, Dill combines the word with the image, the fragile with the indestructible, the handmade with the computer-generated. A meeting of art and poetry, her works are rich in texture and temporal associations, evoking elusive, layered meanings.

Dill's most recent residency at Graphicstudio yielded a number of innovative works which serve up a twist on traditional printmaking. In Copper Poem Hands and We Look for Tracings the copper plates themselves, instead of paper impressions, are the prints. Taking this position a step further are plates in which the image is cut out of the copper: Woman with Word Crown and A Phrase Like a Lariat. Delicate long and undulating threads suspended from the solid copper delineate the seeming fragility yet resounding effects of the spoken word.